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The New World of Cannabis

MONK Drinking Botanicals – products made the right way, not the easy way –
for those living a healthful, integrated, and wholehearted life.


We believe there are a whole bunch of us who care deeply about what we put in our bodies. We’ve built MONK for people like us.

Like the hand-selected California farms we work with, we are committed to mastery of process and the people we serve.

When it comes to edible cannabis products, options free of synthetic ingredients have been in short supply.

Until now.


We start with the highest quality local ingredients to craft beverages rich in natural botanicals such as ginger, turmeric, rosemary, black pepper, and cayenne. We use organic, fresh-pressed juices to create exciting flavor combinations that work in concert to support health.

California cannabis brings a unique flavor and an abundance of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, making MONK Drinking Botanicals so much greater than the sum of its parts.


Each of us is unique. MONK Drinking Botanicals allow you to manage and individualize your cannabis experience.

Every bottle contains a low dose of THC. Each batch is triple-tested by a third party laboratory to ensure consistency and predictability.

Approachable, predictable, and gentle – so you can stay connected to yourself and the world around you.